Sunday, October 10, 2010


Alaska Permenant Fund Dividends this year are 1,281$ this year,and mine is in my pocket, beeen there almost 24 hours now and gettin' HOT.
There payed out yearly to each and every Alaskan as "Profit share" sorta with the State of Alaska.
There are disqualifyers out there, so theres a few folks without, and you have to be in the state 1 full year before you can even apply for one...

Its $$ I always have spent bettering my life through the use of Firearms and discharging them at every chance.. I do the same with my tax returns, usually getting shotgun shells at that time of the year, and upping my ammo stache on the side.
Might just be .22lR this year in bulk, well see...
I kinda stick with Hunting on this blog, but this is sorta relating to hunting anyhoo......
Crapola is that today is Sunday, tomarrow is Columbus Day and it aint till Tuesday at the earliest that I can stop this Burning Sensation....~~LOL!!~~

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