Monday, November 29, 2010

Took a ride this afternoon on the ol' Bearcat, mostly hunting wood, but while tossing logs down to the snowgo on the river below, a bunch of Caribou appeard WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY down river, but after a 1/2 hour or so were apon us

Being above and in willows, they walked on by, and I sized up three fat ones for "us", though I dropped only two (only I brought a rifle) at about 50 feet, splatting brains on snow, The rest buched up and ran after the second shot, so that was that.

2 was good, but took one home and the other 2 guys out wooding split the other,(we met by chance at the same trees, and decided to work three loads together) so I came out ahead.....seeing how I was still clearing branches, Koonuk was packing logs, so Mike took care of the "meats", but not quite the way I do them....oh well, he did the work, left in the liver, heart and tongue as well as leaving the skin on......(I skin 'em right away n Winter ,if possible) But I'm not coomplaining, I came home to Sheefish and rice anyway

The camera has a nasty shadow and the batteries sukk outside at I stepped back and took this with my photo camera in my front room ~~LOL!!~~

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