Saturday, February 5, 2011

miis adventure


  1. hey.........

    Well, I give up. I have not been able to post a singel minute here on blogger with the vids Ive made these last couple weeks. Not even a one minut vid left to load overnight.
    My hunting season is back with the day light, Ive been very busy doing a mid winter revamp of the house, having moved down here to our old house, my "Help" at the other was decidedly no help at all.......thats a maddening story, but Ill say here that I just may move back into this place permanently, and use a tent for a shop.
    As well, weve been working on building a big boat, gatheing the poles and Keel, we may just skin it this spring.
    The good news is that Hunting has comearound again and Ill stop taking vids and go back to pictures. Ptarmigan, Rabbits and such are what were hunting now, as Caribou are not to be found for 100 miles.

    well thats whats up nowdays, my internet isnt on "The fly" or borrowd now, and Ill be here soon with some daily stuff, maby some hunting action.


  2. thats great chip, so your in noorvik still this winter? good luck hunting, cant wait for new pictures.

  3. Ahhh yes..
    apon our moving here now, we decided to change to phone over too, and as it seems our internet is now sooooo s l o w that my computer "Times out" before I can get them onto blogger...OTZ telephone blames GCI...I donno, but Im glad its not my computer!!!!!!

    Indeed, lets see what we can do before the frustration set in and I walk away un video'd un seen, un heard ....

  4. Post when you can and, please, leave a message on Bill's just in case we miss it here.


  5. so whats going on UP NORTH chip. spring is coming.

  6. Hoping you can give me some advice... I want to learn about tanning hides. I have a squirrel skin and deer hide to practice with. I'd like to keep the hair on it. What's the best way to proceed? Thanks.

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    1. Papa MikeAugust 20, 2015 at 8:20 PM
      Chip you and your wife should be ashamed for what you call hunting. I've hunted my entire life and I have NEVER seen anyone SLAUGHTER animals like you and that wife of yours. I know she's doing all the killing because your a convicted FELON and can't carry a weapon, and soon will be going where you belong, IN PRISON. Why the hell do you slaughter defenseless animals while their swimming so there's NO way they can have a chance to get away. In the lower 48 if we would even attempt something so inhumane they would take our hunting guns away, fine us and do jail time. How about the way you rabbit hunt? There's nothing sporting about it at all. You put a huge net up, then you and that worthless wife of yours drive these small little rabbits into your nets while your small children are sitting at the end of the nets, with huge clubs and are instructed by their nice parents TO KILL THEM BY CLUBING THEM UNTIL TEY DIE. How about how you, your sweet little wife ,AND most of you big AND small children CLUB TO DEATH THOSE BIRDS WHILE THEY NEST ON THE GROUND....ONCE AGAIN THEY HAVE NO CHANCE IN HELL TO GET AWAY...YOU TWO ARE VERY, VERY SICK INDIVIDUALS AND I HOPE AND PRAY THAT GREAT SHOW BOOTS YOUR ENTIRE CLAN OFF THE SHOW. I hope they lock you up so far away they will have to "pipe sunshine back to you AND YOUR SWEET WIFE" I'm not through with you Chipper I've only just begun! The Fed's need to investigate everything you and your wife does and everything I find investigating the two of you will also be forwarded to the shows producers and mostly the shows sponsors......Don't even think about try doing to me what you did to those fine police officers to discredit me like you did to them, but if you do I will NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES AND PROSECUTE YOU TO THE FULLEST FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH......IF you need to comment my email is


    2. I totally agree!! What do you need with all the caribou that your family kills? Never mind the fact that they are swimming across a river and you are in a boat just putting a gun to the back of their head and shooting. Not even close to being a sports man or subsistence living. No family your size needs to kill 8-10 caribou a day for however many weeks you are there. Also why do you consider teaching your girls this way of rapeing the Alaskan resources more important than them attending school regularly? If they stayed andcontinued schooling they could have a better life than you ( which is every parents dream ) and only need to hunt for pleasure. I guarantee that Chip and Agnes aren't homeschooling their kids when they aren't in school, and are probably at elementary levels at best. As a wife of a police officer I am appalled with your lies about how your daughter was assaulted. They just have to stand there and take verbal abuse from people like you while working. And Alaskans almost always have a weapon so any move towards one ( their own or God forbid the officers ) requires them to restrain the individual. They have been trained to do this safely and do it for a reason, not out of anger. Your daughter acted like she was going for a weapon and was restrained appropriately but you went for his job and was petty. Every cop goes through extensive psychological testing and background examination to ensure they are safe for the job. Not every Joe Schmo can become a police officer so I doubt any officer would restrain a 17 year old girl for no reason. They must write a report for every use of force incident to show it was necessary. Do you think that they do it lightly? People like you hate the police until you need them ( like when a "friend" gets drunk and walks around your town shooting) and then you love them. I hope the Feds and game wardens take a good look about how you are hunting so you are forced to stop!!

    3. They trade the meat with less fortunate hunters, how is that wrong? If a old woman or man in the village cant hunt, but can sew, or do some other craftsmanship, how is it wrong to trade meat for knowledge or craftsmanship created by that old person who cant hunt?

      They barter with the meat, to get other necessities, like gasoline or other materials.

      How is that wrong? Why is that wrong?

      And what is this ridiculous notion you grow on being a sportsman? If you use a weapon there is no sport, it does not matter if the animal is on the grund or swimming. And who the fuck have said that hunting should be a sport that's a discusting notion. Kill for sport? lol, and you are the one taking the moral highground? Hahah that's just bizarre.

      And every Joe schmoe without a record can become a police officier, especially in the us.

      Suck it up.

  8. lol, Amanda and papa Mike:

    Who the fuck have said that hunting should be a sport or even fair?

    Its never fair unless you beat the animal to death with your bare hands. And i would really like to see you manage to gather the meat you need to provide by doing that.

    Ofcourse you should take every chance you get to lessen the effort in hunting as long as you dont cause the animal excessive suffering.

    Hey Mike, looking forward on some youtube clips where you strangle a moose or beat down a bear with your bare hands. Cuz if you are using a weapon, you are cheating, that's unfair, right?

    lol fuckups.

    Live your own life after your own moral standards. Fuck you for trying to impose your moral standards on other people. And so what if chip is a felon? Fuck you Mike, and fuck you too Amanda.

    /sincerely, Leo /Sweden

  9. Well I must watch a different show!!! I see committed parents spending valuable time with their children passing on their knowledge, and keeping culture alive. I see chip and Agnes working together as a team andChips very obvious pride in his wife's abilities and skills. I see very mutual respect from children who listen to their parents and are keen to learn. Let's face it school teaches a lot of unuseable knowledge but I have heard Agnes say their children are on subsistence leave which shows the government recognises the value of what C & A are teaching their children. Don't listen to the naysayers keep up your valuable contribution to your children; family and society. And are people stupid it's mentioned that usupport extended family which obviously means the elderly who can no longer hunt. Chip I'm sorry for your trouble with the police; no one has a right to comment coz they weren't there, but I would imagine a father defending g his precious daughter could get fairly hairy and I can imagine the state troopers have a preset negative bias against native people ( my bias). Good luck with ur future good luck with raising g your beautiful family and u have my respect and good will not that that would mean much... I just hope it's a positive message to override those negative ones... Tall Poppy syndrome.. gotta go another show is on

  10. Chip and Agnes!!! I love your show. Great job taking care of your feel elders in the village and being a valuable part of the community. Really awesome how you raise your kids.

    I didnt know that you are a fellon chip. I don't know for what but I don't fucken care. It hasn't changed my opinion of you 1 bit. One of my best friend's is a fellon and I would stick my neck out for him anytime. He is a great human as are you.

    Love your show! I watch it every night before bed.

    Be safe. Ignore arm chair warriors!