Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Caribou skin stretched with Caribou Picto's migrating from scattered to a moving herd , following the "Lead" Cow at the first snowfall, heading South to the winter feeding grounds.

   Of course , this is a work put together by the wife and I, with her drawing.

Not bad, eh? :D


  1. Chip I love your blogs. They are very interesting. Keep them coming.

  2. Very cool work! What do you do with those when you're finished with them?

  3. We sell 'em, buy gas and hunt more, Mike!

    Caribou begat Caribou, hunting wise.
    A very important part of hunting for a living is being able to make $$ for the things we cant trade for.

    This was a "Made on request" that fell through on the others part, nontheless, it too will sell.