Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting better!

Ohhhh ya!
The wife pulled out all the stops this week with some good art sales.
Of all things at the moment, which has encompassed my last wekk, Im missing my cameras, both in the same basket, like eggs....somewhere, some place... hmmmmmmm.....
Anyhoo, Im now typing on a computer the wife picked up for three hundred $$ as the folks who sold it have no electricity, but were anticipating the service that hasnt made it to them quite yet, and since X mas have had this boxed up and stored.
My daughter Mary got it for her 10th birthday, and like a great daughter, she gave me an account :D

As well, we picked up a nice snubnosed Rossi .357 pistol with a caribou on Caribou picutre for the second daughters 13th B-day as a Berry patch pistol, and then a nice .30 carbine Ruger Black Hawk, for a couple hundred Whitefish to a local dog musher.

The best part is that this camputer can take all kinds of cards, disks and such, so posting here will get better strting today.

Hey, Im happy!

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