Tuesday, April 27, 2010

geese Hunting gone bad

Saddled up and rode Thursday night, expecting to find Geese galore at my favorite shooting lake, but all we found was snow......No mud, no Geese........
But we pitched our tent anyway and set up the blind (one and the same~~LOL!!~~)

We couldnt just sit there, so we tok any and all of our spare gas and rode for Fur.
Tracked a Pack of Wolves untill we hit the 1/2 tank mark and decided that the 40 mile walk home wasnt worth the rewards of Certain sucess, and it was a hard turn to make.....

So I caught this Goose, ahhhhh... Brown Bear, and witha load of fat Bear, barly made it to camp as the extra gas burned away with the heavy load

Took the shot at 150 yards, and gave 'em a second just to be sure.
The Czech 147 FMJ's did their thing proper like, passing all the way through wile tumbling all the while. The only scrap I found was one jacket left under the skin on the exit side. I love that M-39 and that Czeck ammo.......

Back at camp for a night and then onto home.........to write this up.
I got some vid, but the temp wouldnt let the batteries work more than a few seconds, and popping these pix was all that turned out proper.

Gotta get back inna day or two and see what flys in.......as two specklebellys flew over as we were warming up to drive home...~~LOL!!~~~


  1. As always another great blog Chip.

  2. Awesome looking goose! I mean bear. Great read.

  3. This was an excellent blog. Your way of living is SO different than what I have ever experienced...but I hope one day before I am too old to do it, that I spend some time in Alaska living like this. What an experience!! Awesome...thanks for sharing.