Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring into Spring........

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................How'd I do that?

Well, the pictures are dead opposite to what I was a putting up, so maby some backward forethought will drive me to perfection on my next post..........??~~LOL!!~~
Anyhoo, the wifes working on a "Ink on Skin" of a Polar Bear thats watching an Oogruk (whos skin it is) getting away......as happens sometimes........getting us ready for hunting in the ice, hopefull this will sell as soon as shes done drawing it.

Having a new breakdown with each ride, this last week took my Arctic Cat 440 onto the brink of Death and down for some big $$ undercarriage repairs. I let a friend drive and I guess he didnt know the warning signs ....... Thing is my 600 Polaris is 6 winters old now and very tired, and it blew a base gasket on the engine, so I made a couple out of hardtack boxes, to go onto my lower cylenders, and their holding up fine, so Im up and about with one ride, for as long as that lasts, and with boating and breakup comming I was a trying quite hard to refurb a 40 Honda, but have found it to have a warped crank, probly still running when he sank it....oh well.....~~LOL!!~~ I gave the remains to a guy who can use the lower unit and he'll get by this summer.

Found my cameras again, thats a pluse!

So I ran about with the camera and am up to taking pictures for posterity again.

Been putting my M-39 to the test,, again, shooting Rabbits in the head for the freezer and dogs, as well as the occasional Ptarmigan, Fox, Caribou and even a nice Black Wolf.

Wet days demand we change clothes, wear rain gear because all the flying loose snow melts on us, and theres nothing worse than being wet from 30 above to ride home at 15 above. Its best to dress in layers, so a guy can always have spare.

Gotta work that Wolf tomarrow, and get it stretched/dryed to store for summer. the wife has 'em skinned really clean, so it should be fairly easy to get it done. After a 22 mile chase, getting stuck several times and giving my partner the first 12-18 Cracks at it,( he reloaded and shot again) well, after it was that far, I stepped up and gave it a go with my Mosin Nagant, as the Wolf was now up the side of the mountain, going alongside because it could climb no more, and I was done wrestling the snowmachine from trying to roll to the bottom of the steep incline, Ad firing the whole time.

I shot at about 550 yards, at the sitting Wolf who was probly laughing at his recent escape, and I holding 3 feet above his mid and dropping it right between his front and back feet sent him moving away again......... I figured 600 yards maby "+" and I cut loose a second round 4 feet above and a full Wolfs length ahaed of the now trotting Black.......and dropped it into his lower chest.

My neighbor called it a "Hail Mary" and I'm inclined to agree. That was the longest shot I have ever tryed , and strangely enough, succeeeded..........~~LOL!!!~~~ And witha WITNESS to boot!!

Sorry for the funny set of pix, it just didnt go right..........???Weird.......

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