Monday, July 26, 2010

Berry delicious...

Been a good year for Berrys
Old folks this way predicted such with the low ammount of snow we had, saying it was gonna be great for Berrys, and so it is....
Spent a few days around the house, doing this and that, and a few days back I stumbled apon 1 ripe 'Ukpk' also known as Salmon Berrys.
They look alot like Salmon roe I guess.....
Three days ago was a 7 gallon day, yeasterday 9, today she gave away what she had to spare to an elder brother and the kids gave some to friends who were leaving town.

Freezer ready bags are the way to go, as these women fill their backpacks, and keep the mess less.
Now to top off buckets with 'em and bury the buckets inna cold celler, after a solid freezing inturn , in the freezer.......

Anyway, as we usually reside by the coast in summer it was a plaeasnt suprize to get them a almost two weeks earlier than were used too, and to boot, all this rain and the sun dipping below the horizon again, its truly berry time.

Something we dont get on teh coast, Raspberrys
My Singsong Carol, the Berry patch devastator.

Now were gonna have meat problems. The wife aint got enough freezer room, so the dry stuff as wella s the raw stff is comming out to be dryed up and forgotten~~LOL!!~~That box of Blubber has to be eaten soon, too........
I , for one need fresh meat, so I guess were gonna have to hunt somemore......

Mixed berrys the Little Ones Picked
Our diet will be happy with purple foods, full of vitamin C as well as some fibers and other particals our bodys burn, damn good, if I say so myself.
They are great tea and desserts as well as getting added to other stuff and garnishing foodsall winter, I like 'em plain.
Organic I think?
Hey! You notice I have a camera??Pulled it out today! ~~LOL!!~~ A big old bulky thing with crappy megapixless, but itll due till I get another. That last Kodak was pricey, so who knows......


  1. Are they as good as Flathead Valley Huckleberries?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey, Cuz!!!

    Long time no hear, see, talk!!
    How are ya???
    Ive told you guys it wasnt much different here than there ~~LOL!!~~ The Tundra is Blueberrys, and they are just like Huckleberrys, almost one and the same, just differnt names, same taste.
    Ive had Montana on my mind for awhile. I bet Kalispell is way different after 22 years since I last visited.Almost went in 02, but I took everyone to my grandparents in Oregon.I miss that place in summer, all the swimming we got to do. Waters too cold here for a day of it.
    You near the old Man? I sure need to jet down and vistit 'em.

    Well, I hope all is well with you, and now you know where to find me:D