Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is here

Well, Fall is here. Weve had out first freeze up and things change when that happens. Its sure to fluctuate, but the temps will get the Caribou moving and the berry picking will does picking the last of the greens out there till next June.
Time to blast Ducks and Geese too, before they are gone till next May, as well , gotta get ready to set nets under the ice as usuall.
The wife and son might get a couple more Seals after the river freezes, and park the boat down at Kotzebue till Spring. The Second Son is in Kotz getting in some schooling, and hes an expert spear chucker.
Were ready for Caribou now, were outta here for a few days soon as a pard shows up tomarrow and the kids get a couple days off from formal education.

Well, in the last couple weeks , weve been busey, making food, $$ and paying bills....and yet another month looms ~~LOL!!~~

The youngest daughter Qutan, recived a nicely reduced insize .22LR Marlin Youth rifle for her 5th B-day

Yours truly sitting for hour apon hour.......~~LOL!!~~ we took quite a load home that day

Fat Caribou ass ......yummy!
Three Hardcoe Berry pickin' women....Mom, Daughter, Cousin Cora
Sorting out the bad ones
Mammoth bonz and Ivory scraps.....
Sewing $$$

Wolf Ruffs
There wood to and teh bro inlaw stalked and lots more to do yet too...... Its a long winter, and what we cant boat home we can sled home after it freezes.

Executioner and the Guilty

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