Friday, September 3, 2010

Rainy Days

The Oldest Daughter, Tinmiaq, has been thinking to up and fly away.
Currently shes decided to pass the weekend making crafts to sell, while it pours outside, and we stay in, and keep the nets out as the high water makes hell snaggin' junk that nets love soooo much...
Shes got a couple three Wolves to wack and sew, if she's serious, and just before Winter too, I bet she sells 'em quick.
Anyway, she seems to have made a couple, and looks to get 250$ to 300$ each at get airfare to move to my Mom in SE Ak....... and school there.

Carol plucking Ducks, liking it or not.....
A Scrim Agnes made a couple days ago, with some Ivory we got this summer. Traded this to a Teacher, who sent for outboardparts, a great trade.
Heres Tin making her Ruffs, Figured I d try to load a short clip. Hope it works....

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