Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yep, We had a Fish and Game Trooper come and measure today. The Skull is 24 7/16ths for "Grizzly" as that , evidently, is what Roams the North of Alaska.
I dont know how much it scored in B&C but the trooper knows his stuff, as Ive seen over the years. I looked up B&C and found that the mesurement leads to "24" all Time"
The alaska Trooper was not an official measure'r for B&C but I'm likeing the idea that B&C call it "All Time", (What ever that means....anybody know waht that means??) as any skull over 24 inches sq. on a Grizz skull is called that "All time" I wonder if its a "top 100" list or something.....

He measured, remasured and made sure it was meat free and its not "Official" record wise, but thats the size the state wants to know.

"DAMN!!" was 'bout all I could say about it all........

Not bad for the Wifes first Bear.


  1. Not bad for a first bear, I guess she was just waiting for the right bruin to peak her interest!

    Please pass on our renewed congratulations to your wife, my Rozeann and I think you two are a great pair of hunters and we both admire your many skills; we look forward to many more of your excellent postings.


  2. Brother congrats to your wife!!!!! That is something to admire for sure! I will try to do some asking around and see what I can find out about the B & C scoring!

  3. Chip,

    In case you haven't found out about the All Time information.

    B&C has two standards, Awards and All Time. From the B&C History information "the two differ in important ways. The all-time records book includes all trophies over current all-time minimum entry scores and meets other stated requirements that have been entered since the beginning of the system. The Awards Program records book includes only those trophies of the stated three-year Awards Program, as based on the lower entry minimums applicable for many categories. Thus, a good many trophies get recognition in the Awards Program records book that cannot qualify for listing in the all-time records book. The inclusion of the hunting stories and photos of the trophies receiving awards makes the Awards Program records book a uniquely enjoyable book for the trophy hunter, while the all-time records book provides the definitive answers to questions regarding statistics for native North American big game."

    I really enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming :).