Saturday, June 5, 2010

Setting net

Fishing has begun, heres the wife and her fishing partner Cora at it again.

They put out a net yesterday and had some luck, but no camera.

With the way things have gone and the way e=were going, were most likely to stay fairly close to the village this summer, as we have many improvments to make and stuff to get done around here to improve our lives. It's all for the good, and so were gear'd down to this place anyway, and the kids had fun here last summer.

Still gotta go get the food, chase the animals and do our thing.........

Weve made a place across the river and plan a good expansion, as soon as we get more poles. The wives Pard has a old tired 30 hrs, and the wife a motorless boat, so its good enough to check net and paddle when nessarry back and forth across the river.

All the daughters want to follow and work, I just want to drive around chopping poles, getting firewood and building her a nice place to dry fish for us, trade and dogfood.

The oldest daughter , Tinmiaq, has returned home from training and has a week before shes gone to work in Kotzebue for the summer, unless the Maniilaq association finds her a job in Noorvik.

Shes 16 and all is well .

Tin is skinning a Loon found in the net they set last night. Sometimes we get a Muskrat , or a diving bird . Not often, but since we dont hunt diving ducks, they are rare to our hands, and have extreamly tough skins, tough enough to make socks and bags out of, especially if they have no bullet holes in 'em. My wife has made me shell bags for bullets and bags for other stuff.

Its a large mesh'd net, for Salmon, but good for Sheefish. Were expecting Sheefish to migrate through and they got 3 today as well as a huge trout. Too bad we didnt have a camera untill Tin came home, but at least I can post current stuff.

The net they are setting is for the Whitefish that are passing through. A much smaller mesh to target them with, as they swim along the surface.

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