Monday, June 7, 2010

Sneaky Moose are a lurking..........
Fisherwomans cooking fire..........

Partners Agnes and Cora with their temp rack, which will be the basis of an extensive drying rack.
We often use temperary racks when we move about, but these are across the Kobuk from Noorvik among dozens of others. No dust, no theft, no loose dogs, and a good days work can make lotsa food.
This will be there Spring and summers fishing catch.

Pike and Sheefish landed........

Sunday dinner for the 14 of us.
We ate the Trout they caught yesterday fried for lunch.

Good food for energy, so tomarrow can be as good a day with the racks being done with a few poles more and a fish cutting table too.....might have to bring the dogs over as well....~~LOL!!~

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