Friday, August 20, 2010

Kinda interesting when this happens...

So the wife has sewn many things, often parkas and odd stuff.

Heres a couple examples;
This ones for little girls a picture taken while it was under construction.
Grown woman with Seal skin pants and Seal boots, Caribou Parkee.
The oldest sons Caribou parkee with Polar Bear trim and a snow cover. Also has Arctic Fox mittens. Little Hunters best gear.

Tinmiaq, our oldest daughter when she was about 6, in her Caribou Fawn Parkee at our little red house. It had rather dark hood sides and chest gores, but she haddent many white bellys to use for some reason that year, so she used a darker belly. Still looked good.

That same Caribou Fawn Parkee in the Smithsonian Collection, in the Arctic Studies Display on loan to the Anchorage Museum...................

Pretty cool when something like that happens, thought I'd share.

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  1. Outstanding accomplishments, beautiful work.