Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yes!! Vids again.....

Yes, we have Vid ........

Soooooo, to test such equipment one must go to the feild, which for us was across the river to clean and repair our racks for Salmon soon again, when the weather cools and the rain ceases.

Papa cleaned up the maggots from a string of fish heads that had been dryed as dog food, and had been dragged under the rack to be eaten. In the last two days something had helped itself to the rancid seal oil and fishheads/backbones that were stored there. Yukkkkkk..........

The wifes Uncle passed away, and shes gearing up for that. Lots to do, many to visit with, eat with and mourn. It takes days.

I'm glad I didnt break any long bones, as both times I have, My arm, then my ribs, my friend Paul arrives for a stay and more relatives die...No, just kidding, but then again, not....!!( I need a smile face a winking here ~~LOL!!~~)

The fact is ,besides studing the weirdness of the emotional Arctic, he did some digging while here, an Arctic Death tradition, 'cause someones gonna dig yer grave someday, for you..........I wonder where he is......Irishman? You best come around

So , being as I spent the day about the house and the kids in school, I got the youngers in the boat as soon as they escaped the confines of the school. Was easy though, I just told one to meet me there and the others follow'd ~~LOL!!~~

Ended up that my thrmostat is tits up and Im in the market for another. I just unwrenched it and rode without, and I really rode, as the second oldest daughter is our official driver now, and fast learning the fishing/travling trade. Good for me, I can watch 1,000% better when Im riding, not driving... Seems she preferrs it to after school activitys that the other kids do, sports and such, and thats probly better in the long run.

The Motor sooon hummed and we brought a rifle to get a Moose or Caribou, but saw neither, just a big ol' Wolf rather suddenly, trotting off the sandbar to the willows as we came around the bend, returning to Noorvik.

Pretty cool when we see them in summer, all slim and no good coat, just sleek and muscled.

Cant wait till November to trak him down.

No fish in the net either , on our way back home, but theres tomarrow.......

Twitching fresh Salmon.......Yep.

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