Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Odd shots

Got a camera up and going, yes, I'm scamming the kids, but what the heck, they're in school again...........and I can take vids, now that I'm home, with a bigger 2gig card, insted of the 32 bit it came with.
So ,out of general curiosity, I tookalook at the pix on the card and there were some I took, and some others took, yet unseen.
Cameras die in my possesion, its sad.
Oddly enough there are pix taken this summer so I posted the unblurred

Just in time, Im thinking~~LOL!!~~

Heres one with a couple Caribou back straps, as we remove them from the carcass, and then seperate the sinew from the meats by pushing off the meat with the back side of the knife. Good clean seperation, leaving pure meat from the loins and sinew to use.

Whitefish and a few Pike, musta been a nice day.

One of many~~LOL!!~~theis one was packed out on my back and the willows are used to tie the front and back legs as hand holds

A VERY nice Oogruk. Probly about 700 lbs, and 1/2 was the weight of the blubber alone. Partner Chuck there, and friend Jeremy too.
The oil is tasty and the skin is to become another canvas for the wife. Its currently taking up space on the skin strecher at the shop, getting soaked in dawn dishsoap, so we can remove the deepest oils and tan it proper White.
This was at the beginning of July.

Me myself and my rifle on one of our many sunny hot days this Summer.
My bro inlaw took some of these, others were the kids. But still a bit here and a bit there, it keeps us fed. The wife will get into serious fishing soon, as she puts up fish during the cool insect free evenings and the fish dry well enough to be insect proof.
Yep, were sliding into Fall and things are changing, especcially with Darkness coming on, the colors about the land are most noticable in veiw.
Fall storm time is comming too, with beach erosion watches tonight and tomarrow, Fishing for Mammoth will be a good prospect soon. Fall Moose and Caribou are always at hand as well, I need to strech out the legs a bit and walk some mud.......Hopefully the wife will return soon so we can go~~LOL!!~~ Nawww, The winds gotta die so I can go to Her....

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