Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 census starts here.

The 2010 census starts here in Noorvik.
So much for a news link.........

I cant figure out how to "Dashboard " unless its a new post, so I cant correct stuff...I cant get here without a roundabout way "in" and I cant copy/paste stuff, such as internet adress's.
Been losing my posts, like 4 so far, writing more than 1/2 way through , losing it, rewriting it again................and I loath to write so much and see it dissapear.

How do I even know if more than 1 guy even reads this?

Gimme time, just frusterated here......


  1. I read it :)

    I recommend writing out your blog in a document application such as Microsoft Word or notepad or something. Saving that as you go along. Then when you are ready to post it you can just copy and paste the entire blog.

    As for other items you are having problems with, I am more than happy to help you out with step by step instructions with pictures if you wish, just email me you frustrations and I would be happy to assist.

  2. Thanx, Matt.

    I honestly wrote a long response last night.

    Where now?

    I am trying to Copy/paste to notebook, but its not taking the pix where I want them. Imm most likely e-mail you soon~~LOL!!~~

  3. I'm reading them too! Keep up the good work Chip it is really interesting to see how things work up in your neck of the world!


  4. Is therew a way to see if folks are reading here, like a number or such?

    I think the hours of playing with this -vs- the Apple Laptop I was a borrowing is getting easier. Im back on a Gateway~~LOL!!~~