Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here comes the sun

Think "Ox" ~~LOL!!~~ Some memories from a few hunts ago........To remind us to "Get our Ox-on"~~
Being in the Arctic, a good chunk of our year is spent with 24 hours of Summer sunshine, and in opposition to all that brightness, we have winter darkness.
I read somewhere that despite the commings and goings of the sun, we actually get just as much or equal, at least, of the sunshine that the equator gats.
Were in the lower arctic, crossing the Arctic circle like some cross a town, and our darkness/sunshine is not as drastic as it gets going further North......they are still in Darkness.
Luckily , were over tha darkness now, and were excellerating to sunshine, full blast. We gain 10 minutes a day, and were almost up to 4 hours of usable light now.
We work hard to getup enough food and fuel for this cold time of year, and are usually set untill Feb. Seems to have worked out well enough this year.

Spent most of December in Kotzebue , while the wife did Postal Relife and I did odd jobs and generally let my ribs knit up. No complaints now, unless I cough hard.

This last couple weeks we returned to Kotz and I and my pard set about de-icing 3 feet of broken water main and the solid wall to wall ice it filled the house with....~~LOL!!~~ -45' below can do wonders to your house if the heat go's out.......what a chop job!

Things on the transportation front have taken a beating as the clutch to my snow machine is about dead and its 633$ for a new one, so it looks like Im seeking a used one !!

Theres work on the shop to do, and Traps to set/check, as well as some hunting, with the good news that I have a willing partner/camera guy 'cause Im up and filming now. Im learning I warn ya, and I have to find out how long a vid I can put on the internet or send them on to someone who "Can" ~~LOL!!~~ Most likely Mike. The wife bought the accessories that make the camera do its thing, as well as spare stuff like batteries and chargers, as well that I found a disk to film onto, and more are on the way.
I'll try for that intro for Up North Journal soon.

Mostly we look forward to catching another Muskox for the table, as the wife has a permit, but itts only a transportation situation that needs dealing with , and then were out for Ox.......

Fur time is here as well, now that weve had -50below, and all fur is prime, while those that werent are dead after the deep cold killed 'em.

With the comming light and better hunting weather were in need of more meat and wood to burn. This will go well with some of the traps Ive got out, as "rout" per say.
I might add here that my computer is back in the land of the living and soon Ill be downloading vids again, as the camera I have and this internet just need to work out how to get that done........and I look forward to it :D

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