Friday, January 22, 2010

This isnt the order I wanted my pix~~LOL!!~~ Just trying to get this post up right....any suggestions? I cant "Copy-Paste" and the last time I moved the pict, I lost it .......

I figured to try and download one of the vids I have, a "fish test" so to say........lets hope this vid works, so I'll load more......

Those, above, are Sheefish, the biggest in the Whitefish family, and we catch them when ever we can. They have big bones that are easily removed and firm ,white , sweet flesh. Great as soup or Fryed, baked, or frozen with Seal oil.

We use a large meshed net, 5inch + and that lets the small ones pass through, and we set them right after the spring floods move the ice out of the river, and in Spring when the Shee migrate up river as well as in the fall, when we set them under the ice, when they return to the brackish waters of Kotzebue Sound.

The vid comes from April, when we, (and everyone else we know) go out and "Hook" for them through the 4 foot thick ice. Sometimes we score sled loads.


  1. Now that is cool stuff!!! I was on the edge of my chair waiting to see what he was going to pull out of that hole!!!

  2. That's a fish! Way cool Chip. Sorry, bad pun, what was the temp out while you were fishing?

  3. Thanks!

    This is what we do for a few days in "Spring", usually March to May.

    Its about 30 above then as the earth warms at our end.