Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some fishing with the kids

I figure to let you in on my favorite Fisherwoman, My wife Agnes.
Born and raised to fish, this woman grew up commercial and Subsistance fishing, for $ and food. The Kotzebue Sound drainagaes are Salmon rich with Kings , Chum, Pinks and Silvers....with some Reds showing up now inthe last few years.
Shes a master at drying, canning and cooking all kinds of fish, from Smelts to 60lb Sheefish

Best of all, she has alotta help from our daughters as well.......heck, we all pitch in one way or another.

Heres some vid of the kids and us at where we like to fish for Salmon.

They are side by side, so Im not sure how this will turn out ~~LOL!!~~...but Im experamenting here, and trying to get 'er done.

The kids make the work fun, from start to finish, Its always a blast when the work is there.

We make our kids the knifes they use and make sure they are in on every part of the process.

The wind drys the fish the best,and in an hour or so, the flys wont be able to set eggs on they, but on still ,windless days,we often set a smudge of smoke to keep the flys off untill a nice dry crust. Its also a great idea to keep the sun off drying meats as well.

If its drizzling, we will drape tarps to the ground and make a big smoke house to keep the bugs off with a smudge on. The meat racks are also a place the kids like to hang out at, and so do loose dogs.....~~LOL!!~~

Twice a day the wife inspects all meats, and decides what they will be used for, where and when.


  1. Awesome post. I love your blog entries. Wow, at all the work that goes into your winters meal. Kudos to you and your family.

  2. I am getting hungry just looking at the pics~~~
    ~ Carrie