Saturday, November 7, 2009


 This is my first post for Up North, and I almost didnt make I toasted my keyboard with a cup of coffee last Sunday, But what the heck, better late than never.I tryed to use the school library computer but it wont log to blog.....
 Untill my computer is useable Im on the daughters school issued Mac, so I dont know about pix for a bit, but with time, all will come.

Right now, with the wife, our daughters, a neice and nephew as well as our oldest sons family, were 12 people living in the house and we all do different things to get through life, and alot we work together on. Were running ice nets for awhile, and as soon as its frozen safely (Freezeup is 3 weeks late this year) travling and hunting/trapping willl be the routine as well.
 Were making tools and readying skins for sewing as well as getting some crafts made to sell, as thats what we do for $$.
We will be using snomachines untill May, now. 
Theres fair ammount of game around the area, 400,000 Caribou, Bears, Sheep, Muskox and Fur to hunt.
My Game managemant unit is as big in sq miles as Indiana. It has Mountains to Ocean and rivers between. We live on the Lower Kobuk River, and have a river delta to hunt as welll as good country all around. Alota Fed lands and private, but all huntable.
No Fences.....thats important, and its good we dont have any here.
Our waters here are drinkable, and we do.

Ive been playing with the computer for 3 years now and taking pictures for alot more. Im sure I can get this figured and report here fairly timely. 
Well,thats my intro, I hope to post a good icenet set of pix from this week as soon as possible.




  1. Looking forward to your blogs about your life!

  2. I can't wait to read your blogs about your life also.

  3. Again, welcome aboard. We're glad you're a part of UNJ and we're all anxious to see what you are up to. Stay safe and stay warm!!

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere and the UNJ Team.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    What are you using for an internet connection up there?

    happy hunting, dv