Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey there.........where ever you are....:D FBX?

Well Its been a bit busy about the house, as weve been in repair mode for awhile this week, as well as getting wood to keep it all warm.
Keeping the snowmachine going is important to our heavy load hauling needs, as well as hunting and travling. My voltage regulator burned up and took my light bulbs with it, so I await some all new parts.
The wife told me this weekend she and I will be in Kotzebue for the three weeks preceeding Christmas. Shell be helping with the Mail as a Postal relief. I know alotta folks there and the country as well, and it shoud be a good time to hunt a bit as well as gather woods while travling back and forth between Kotzebue and Noorvik. Theres alotta Caribou between our Delta and the pennensula that Kotzebue sit on. Having the bro and sis inlaw watch the kids while were gone, to and fro, as well as the oldest son and family, its really nice when kids grow up .
Were gonna make a trail to the mouth of the river, away from the main trail, through some lakes and trees, and set a different set of traps tward home.
Spent 4 hours today opening and widening our net holes. The fish count is down , but they are stilll trickling in.
I even traded 25 or so dogfood grade Whitefish for a new welding mask, as my lens is cracked and thats nooooooo good. Sometimes I get the crazyest stuff.

Caribou are around, saw a few dozen the other day as we checked nets, but I had no time or daylight to persue them, but Im happy with fish for now. Not more than 4 hours of sun up now, but the meteor showers and Northern lights have been lovely....

Well thats the day, nice and easy.

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