Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today is a good start.

   Took the wife for a round trip ride to Kotzebue, the largest town and the "Hub" of our 11 villages, here in North West Alaska.
 79 miles by the "long way" around the bends of the river with no short cuts , as with only 2 or so inches of snow on the ground, the flat ice is the place to be.
Weather was good, untill we got to Kotzebue, where the 17 mph wind from the West and the -2 were nippy.Rideing home with the wind to our backs was a joy.
  I have a Polaris 600 RMK and the wife and I doubled up. We drive in "Spurts" of slowing down for ice chunks, dead fall trees, stumps, and choppy snow drifts. Then theres the flat smooth stuff thats 5 or so miles at a time. 70 Mph is when my windsheild starts to lay back and I keep it there. 3/4ths throttle is good for gas as well as keeping out of troublw where the water is overflowing the ice in patches. We skipped about 4 of those, and they were small.
 The way back was faster :D Knowing the rout, and its conditions , we were also hitting the snow at a glide, like riding off the back of a wave insted of into it , litterally. 
 We passed 50 or so Caribou as we rode around a bend called Custers Corner, and suprised a couple hundred on our way back up Kobuk River. They were running already as we pulled up, with about half the group running "our way" and we passed them at full tilt in the headlights, laughing as we left them behind, carrying on home.

  Came home intime to check the net.


  1. Looks bad.
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    can anyone tell me how to post pictures the right way here?

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