Wednesday, November 25, 2009

started trapping ........

  Hey, its a good start for trapping 

We have been busey with our net, as our top floats have started to freeze to the bottom of the ice, we almost lost it , since we want to get a bit more mobile, and we have a ton of various fish, we pulled it for good.
 We want to set traps, but may not be around to check them  untilll after X-mas, so were likey to set only a few nearby untill we go, and see how it works out. We have enough fox furs, and were not out to get to many this winter, Fox wize. They are an incidental trap catch  often enough as well as plentyfull enough to just shoot.
 Having been a good spot for fish, alotta animals stop by to inspect, so we have left a fish inside and each day that fish is gone. Now that we have no little kids going down with us, to check the net, we set a trap. We placed a double set , one trap in the cubby, one outside.
 Woke up this morning and ask'd the oldest daughter Tinmiaq  to please take a pistol and go check it. She was joined by her oldest brother Doug in mid rout and he followed for kicks.

 Seems someone else had stopped by and gave a hand. They had killed the Fox, from the brusing they stood on its chest.... a NICE Cherry guy and leaving him in the traps, they cover'd him with snow to keep the Ravens from picking him into bits also Keeps em from chewing free when the paw freezes.

Doug showed Tin how to reset the traps by breaking them over the knee, cleared the pans/catch, and brushed them over.
 The fish was still in there. 

I skinned 'em out while he was warm and floppy, about a 5 minute job, with my daughter Mary giving me a hand with her pulling a bit on the rear legs, while I peeled it holelessly from the carcass. Tail pulled like butter.
The little girls took the carcass off to show their friends around town.
 No blood , no holes, and I set it out to freeze and  flap in the breeze from a pole for a day.

Maby towarrow will be better.

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