Friday, November 27, 2009

getting better....

Got another male today, this here guy. Nice salt and pepper back with red sides, kind of dark. 
We do have a very occassional Black or Crossed fox so he may be a relative~~LOL!!~~
I have actually nly caught 2 black fox ever, but this guys got some dark genes.

after dispatching said Fox, I jigged at the hole awhile (the trap is at our old net hole) and pulled up a nice 3 foot long Sheefish ...Oh joy!
 I was so happy, I wound up my fishing string, jumped on my snowgo, and promptly hit something on the trail up to town ,under fresh snow , that ricochet me 2 feet sideways where a waitin Willow branch tore off my hat and nearly my eye. Got a nice purple eyebrow/lid now ~~LOL!!~~ One of theose things that happens so fast (35mph) that you have no warning about untill your vaulting sideways and seeing stars.....though I managed not to crash .........wheeeeew.
  Fur and food, made my day.

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  1. I am really enjoying your blogs. My wife has said I am crazy, but I love the majestic Alaska wilderness. I have watched every Discovery or National Geographic show on Alaska. I loved every sitcom about Alaska. I've read numerous books (fiction and non) about Alaska. And I will (just don't know when) travel to Alaska to enjoy a few weeks there. In the mean time, I will live there through your blogs.